An approach suits your needs

We offer a wide range of research methodologies and are very happy to discuss each in more detail.

Qualitative: we love exploring and delving deep through depths, groups, accompanied shops and observational work; conducting these face-to-face or online or by telephone with B2B targets, consumers and children.


Quantitative: this methodology can be much more than just hard facts and statistics, we use on-line, telephone and face-to-face, hall tests as a basis for ad hoc studies, segmentation, tracking, CSS, product & concept evaluation and testing.

We organise illuminating and inspiring immersion days and workshops too.

CatererOpinion - on-line panel & research tool to reach caterers

This is our specialist on-line foodservice panel developed to reach chefs, cooks and caterers - it’s flexible in its application being great for ad hoc work as well as follow-up research for promotions and sampling for example.

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick

Erica Littlewood

Richard Webber

“Choosing the right route to get the answers is important to Richard and Erica, they don’t favour one methodology over another.”