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CatererOpinion is an online caterer panel run by Cambridge Direction.

It accesses chefs, cooks, catering managers and decision makers in foodservice and hospitality.

CatererOpinion is a quick and responsive way to gain caterer response, reactions and insight in a cost effective way. 

CatererOpinion can also be used for response rich qualitive research where depth of insightis needed from a sample broader than is possible using a normal qualitative depth interview project for example.

Online surveys run on CatererOpinion have the advantage of being able to show imagery such as logos, pack shots and recipe creations in addition to standard quantitative questions.

CatererOpinion is exclusively run by Richard and Erica of Cambridge Direction who bring their expertise gained from their many years of immersion in researching in the foodservice sector.

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Erica Littlewood


Richard Webber